About Us

About Orangesell

Orangesell.com is an online selling website were all the customers are treated equally. Orangesell.com sells the qualitative and quantitative products. As and when customer puts there trust on us we try to fulfill there each and every need. Orangesell gives lots of choices and very much different variety of products. Orangesell gives each detailed information of every products on which customers can trust blindly, as it does not give any chance to any customers to inquire any fault in our products. We respect our entire customers as if the president of country.

In each and every product in all categories you will find number of varieties with different color, different range, with every big to small size, almost every choice, different materials, different quality etc.

Orangesell.com sells different products in every form for example: men's, women's and kids wear.

Orangesell.com do not only show off they provide all the need of customer as per its commitment and delivery is done before the due date. Best thing of Orangesell.com is that it firstly seeks its customer’s benefit / profit and clients best interest.

We provide the best service to our customer. As and when customer finds any defect in any product they are permitted to return the product there itself within 7 days. We take it as our social responsibility to provide best service to our every customer.

Orangesell.com is quick, user friendly, as well as very much easy to use and enables shoppers buy products with a breeze.

Before buying any product each person is so much confused for example if a person want to buy a mobile phone than he thinks of all the features, about different companies mobile, which would be more preferable, about his budget with mobile phones range which he wished to buy and many more confusion arrays. Orangesell.com help and guide person in such a way that all the confusion of the particular person could be solved. Orangesell.com guide and help and respect our each customer.

Orangesell.com assures that a customer after buying any a single product from Orangesell he would not prefer any other site for online shopping.

How to purchase a product in orangesell.com

First open orangesell.com then type the name of product you want to buy and click on search button. For example: "Saree" and click search.

You will see range of websites from bricks and mortar department store such as Orangesell large website simply devoted to shopping such as Amazon. If you have searched for a particular brand you may also see the brands in Orangesell website choose on this website and click on.

We have clicked in “saree” a selection of product is now shown.

Click on the product you are interested in perching if you like so buy the product. Click ADD TO CART doing this will save the detail of this item until you are ready to purchase.

If you wish to go ahead and purchase without shopping for other items you will need to confirm that you are happy with the terms and condition and click to check out . a new page open that display a form for you to complete with your name , email , and delivery detail .enter your full detail if you wish to proceed further with your purchase click continue.

Finally enter your credit and debit card detail if you pay banking and otherwise if you pay cash click c.o.d. (cash on delivery).

How to trust product in Orangesell

Orangesell.com provides each and every small information related to particular product the information provided by us is very much valuable and also there we provide information honestly.

Quality Product @ orangesell.com

We sell the best and exclusive quality product. We selling of each and every product is done only and only after checking each product. When any product is arrived in warehouse it is firstly checked if there is any defect in material and quality than the product is returned their itself and only if the product is as per the commitment than only it is send to our customer. And if still then is any query by customer than we too provide customer service.